We want our symbolic ceremony to be of love only, is that possible?

The weddings we officiate are called “Non-denominational ceremonies” and precisely we offer the option for couples that wish to have a Ceremony with some religious details and there is also the option of having a symbolic ceremony of love only without being tied to a specific religion. Symbolic or spiritual ceremonies are ideal for couples with different religions, or do not have a religion or are not believers, or that are remarrying, etc.


Can we modify our ceremony based on our needs?

All couples have different dreams and desires on how the wedding of their dreams should be, that is why symbolic ceremonies can be designed accordingly to the needs and ideas of each couple. We design the ceremony according to this so it can be as special as you have dreamed by adding and changing what you would like.


What is the difference between a legal ceremony and a symbolic ceremony (spiritual)?

A civil ceremony is legal; the marriage is recognized officially by the government. Spiritual ceremonies provided by PROMISSES SPIRITUAL CEREMONIES, are not legally recognized, but are designed to allow the couple to express themselves in non-traditional ways.

Can a legal and symbolic ceremony be combined?

Symbolic ceremonies are the perfect complement for a civil ceremony; because the symbolic ceremony is emotional and meaningful for the couple as well as for their relatives and friends.


What is an apostille?

An apostille is a special seal applied by the authority to certify that a document is a true copy of an original. Apostilles are available in countries that signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.


How many days do we have to be there before the civil ceremony?

It is necessary to be at least 3 days prior to the civil ceremony

For our symbolic ceremony, how many days do we need to be beforehand, do we need to take any document?

It is not necessary to bring any document, we suggest getting here before so you can relax and pamper yourself before your big day.


What is the minimum number of guests so we can have a symbolic ceremony?

Symbolic ceremonies can be as intimate for the couple or as big as you wish if you have guests and family that would join you that day.


Can we choose the place to have our symbolic wedding?

Sure, we will provide you with several options that adapt to your needs to make that day unique and special.


How can we book our date?

To book your event, you must make a deposit to secure the date. This deposit can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.


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